17 Nov

Good news! 

I thought it was a great idea to write my first short story in my second language. Always supporting our Mental Health campaign! I really hope you enjoy it! I will be uploading the spanish version very soon. 

I can't wait to know your thoughts, have an amazing reading night!


Something is keeping me awake; I check my phone and I see the clock saying it's 12:03pm. I'm so sleepy, the weather is so nice and I just want to close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep until the next morning, but is keeping me awake. I'm so upset, so I force it "Think, think, think... What is keeping you awake? What is it? ... I keep allowing my mind to wonder about it, but I get distracted. 

I start thinking about the day before, how I was having breakfast and doubting  if I made a good choice on my food; "I would've preferred something else, maybe..." Another thought comes into spotlight: how I missed the train; "so stupid of me, even though I got where I wanted to get, it could've been so easy to just get there a bit earlier, earlier, earlier this morning I was talking on the phone with a friend who canceled our trip, maybe that is making me upset, she didn't even say why; did I say something wrong? Maybe she wanted to go alone or maybe it was a bad day for her...I should text her to see if she's o.k. ... No, maybe she wants to be alone..."

I finally realize what it is, that monster that is not allowing me sleep. I fall into a conscious state and one thought really scares me to death "My own thoughts". They are sharp as daggers pushing into your skin, you feel them and they hurt, they are loud as a passionate song and as real as I am, here, lying on this bed not being able to sleep and I know that, for the rest of my life it will be this way.

I'm wandering around in my mind, but I get so tired so I check my phone and I see it's 3:56am and again, I force myself to sleep to the loud sound of my thoughts. 

The end.

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